SAT, AUGUST 11 . 5:00P

Farm Future

A benefit event for the National Young Farmers Coalition gathering young farmers, friends, and supporters at Letterbox Farm in Hudson, New York. FARM FUTURE celebrates the days aheadthe opportunities and challenges we must meet for the success of young farmers and our food systems. We will gather at sunset for an evening of food, entertainment, and thought-provoking conversation featuring innovative farmers from across the U.S.  @NYFCFarmFuture @YoungFarmers #NYFCFarmFuture



Letterbox Farm

Letterbox Farm Collective is a working farm and event location with spectacular views of the Catskill Mountains. Founded by young farmers in 2014, Letterbox Farm Collective raises vegetables, flowers, chickens, hogs, rabbits and more for a full-diet CSA and markets throughout the Hudson Valley.  Read more.      @LetterboxFarmers

4161 US 9, Hudson, NY 12534